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"Strong, spare, and elegiac poems; a fine collection."


-- Kirkus Reviews, Read the full review of Bird Years


"Dicko King’s first collection of poems, Doggerland, depends on a strange parallelism of time

past and time present—this is, in a way, nearly the lettered sedimentary sense of time that we get in rock—but it’s also all of the intricate and intimate bloodlines that ask that the present moment illumine innumerable pages within this volume. This is a lovely book – I’m grateful to have it."


-- Norman Dubie, Author of The Quotations of Bone


"Doggerland, Dicko King’s wonderful debut volume, is rich in the history and prehistory of Ireland. The poems are mysterious, at once fabulous and erudite, telling in their knowledge of the evolution of a nation. In the taut restraint of these poems, King delivers us to poetry’s grand bargain with philosophy, that truth be delivered by beauty."


-- Cynthia Hogue, Author of Revenance


"...the poems are as worn and wondrous as the ocean floor where Doggerland now rests. King is equally adept at brilliant phonetic stanzas and concentrated verse essays. King is a Boston native, but his collection is a must-read for devotees of the last half-century of Irish verse...the collection ends far too soon. A tremendous volume of poems that will illuminate and linger."


-- Kirkus Reviews, Read the full review of Doggerland


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Inclusion in the 2015 23rd Annual Poets House Showcase Exhibition.


Samuel Piccone Review, Rhythmic History: Doggerland: Ancestral Poems, Raleigh Review.